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Organised by Humanist Association of Northern Ireland and
Humanist Association of Ireland in Carlingford. Speakers: 

John Barry, Eamonn McCann, Caitriona Ruane, Kate Ruddock, Duncan Stewart 
Fee: £36 whole weekend, £24 Saturday, £12 Sunday (morning).
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Humans are damaging the environment faster than it can recover, according to a UN report 
Climate Chaos: An Introduction, above right


Liberal Humanism has been the dominant ideology of Europe since 1945. Brexit has dealt it a savage blow.

Article in News Letter>>>

Humanism Ireland July-August issue out now

Read Andy Barr on Muhammad Ali: the Great Humanitarian

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Study reveals that people of no religion outnumber Christians in England and Wales
Decline in religion will be beneficial
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BBC is best but Radio Ulster needs to be less downmarket
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Andy Barr: 
The Rich are Coining it

Eamon Murphy:
TTIP: Post-Democracy 

Andy Barr: 
Axe the British Monarchy
Brian McClinton:
Is Catholic Education better than Protestant?
Andy Barr: 
Does Islamic Fundamentalism threaten Peace?

Martin O'Reilly:
Is It Moral for Humans to Use and Kill Animals?

Humanist Agenda
for a Tolerant
Pluralist Society,

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 Lord Chief Justice has reserved judgment in Ashers appeal against 
the guilty verdict. See article in  
News Letter:



Behold the Man

Shakespeare in Love
Chimes at Midnight

Humanism Ireland

supported by Humani and the Hai.
May-June issue:
Why Ireland Needs

a United Humanist

Morality of 1916;
Universal Basic

Abortion on the
Isle of Man;
Book: Adventures
of a Happy


Eye in the Sky 
and Drone Warfare

Humani's Ruth Yeo,
Humanist Chaplain
at Queen's, delivered the 
Thought for the Day BBC Radio Ulster (20th April)

Queen's hostile 
to Free Speech?

The online website Spiked recently gave Queen's University a
'red light' as a hostile environment for free speech. The current phase of campus censorship throughout the UK is certainly a serious threat. Universities should be places that encourage free enquiry and provocative ideas in the search for a better society. Read what J.S. Mill said:



For the latest on religion in schools, see the 
Belfast Newsletter>>>

Humanist Association of Ireland at 1916 Ceremony


At the Humani Meeting
on 14th April Liam Kennedy (above), Professor Emeritus of Social and Economic History, QUB, gave a critical view of 1916, arguing that Catholic nationalist ethos ran through the Rising, and the Proclamation and the events copper-fastened the looming prospect of Partition
Liam's latest book critically addresses the Irish 'cult of persecution'

Read reviews of Liam's Unhappy the Land:
Irish Times here>>> Irish Independent>>>
Read an article on  Centenaries here>>


"Bloodshed", said Pearse, "is a cleansing and a satisfying thing". He and Bobby Sands compared themselves to Jesus nailed on the Cross. But is Irish history a nightmare from which we have finally escaped?

 The Easter Rising and the Myth of
Abridged in

Belfast Telegraph>>>

to First Minister and Deputy First Minister on Same-Sex Marriage in Northern Northern Ireland
Read Brian McClinton on Offence against Islam>>>

Kellie O'Dowd, Chair of Alliance for Choice Belfast, addressing the 10th March 2016 Humani meeting on the Trust Women Campaign: Keeping Abortion on the Political Agenda in Northern Ireland

Paddy McEvoy addressing the January 2016 meeting on a Humanist Approach to Moral Education. Paddy argued for an ethic based on values such as reason, debate, empathy, universal principles, rights and responsibilities.

November 2015 Meeting: Humanising the Greens
 Pictured below are Clare Bailey, deputy leader of the Green Party NI with Iain Deboys and Terry Moseley (Acting Chairman).

The Humanist Manifesto has found considerable support among freethinking politicians.

Humanist Manifesto launched at Stormont. Read here>>> 

Humanist Wreath-Laying Party at the Belfast Cenotaph

Mark McCleery (Humani) Catherine Burnett (BHG) Iain Deboys (Humani)

A Huddle of Humanists 
Thursday 8th October
Andrew Copson, IHEU President and BHA Chief Executive, seated centre, was the speaker 

Pictured  with Andrew are representatives of Humani, HAI, Atheist Ireland, Atheist NI and BHG

Archive of articles here >>>

Humani September 2015 Meeting

Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland pictured below


Report on All Ireland Humanist Summer School 2015>>>

29th-30th August, Carlingford Co Louth 

Humanist Association at Pride Parade, 1st August 2015


Only 7 of the 108 MLAs are prepared to admit that they have no religious faith and only Anna is brave enough to admit it publicly. See the BBC survey:




Humani at the Marriage Equality Rally in Belfast, 13th June

20,000 took to the streets


At the April Meeting 2015 Rosemary Craig spoke on her experience in the Youth Courts



The Humanist Association of Northern Ireland is horrified by the murderous attack committed on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper. This barbaric act is a serious assault on democracy and freedom of expression. We wish to express our condolences to all the relatives of those killed and our solidarity with the staff of the newspaper.

We also concur with the general sentiments expressed by HopenotHate at:




The Humanist Association of Northern Ireland deplores the treatment of prisoner of conscience Raif Badawi by the Saudi Arabian authorities, who have sentenced him to 10 years’ imprisonment and to be publicly flogged 50 times every week until he has received 1,000 lashes.

Flogging is a medieval act of torture and its use is never justified in a civilised society. Raif’s ‘crime’ was to ‘insult Islam’ by calling for free speech on his Free Saudi Liberals website. It is appalling to think that such cruelty should be imposed on someone who is guilty of nothing more than creating a forum for free discussion.

We call on the Saudi authorities to end this barbaric punishment and to free him without delay.


Challenging Racism

The Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Conflict at Queen’s has published a report by Richard Montague and Peter Shirlow which challenges many of the myths that are associated with immigration into Northern Ireland. The report, commissioned by the Centre for Democracy and Peacebuilding and entitled Challenging Racism: Ending Hate, claims that immigration provides substantial economic and social benefits to Northern Ireland.

It claims that migrants contributed £1.2bn to the economy from 2004 to 2008. Lord Alderdice, Chairman of the Centre, stated that “The report highlights contributions in tax, skills, labour and cultural diversity – enriching our society rather than threatening it.”

Peter Shirlow said: “The report and its findings are profoundly important because they completely rebut the stereotypes that have plagued our migrant population in recent years. People need to be educated about the facts. We frequently hear claims that migrants take our jobs and use up our limited services. Migrants pose no threat to our society. This report will hopefully go some way towards changing the conversation about migrants in Northern Ireland”.

The report can be read here:


Read the Humani response to government consultation on racial equality in Latest News


15th September 2014:

BHA sent copies of Young Atheist's Handbook to every school library in Northern Ireland



John Toland, Father of Irish Philosophy>>

The Humanism of Francis Hutcheson >>



Local branch set up

Hear journalist Liam Clarke on his cancer diagnosis at:



Same Sex Marriage>>>


Blighted Centenaries >>>




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